• "I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge."

    Queen Elizabeth II

  • COVID-19 Update


    I hesitate to post to social media and throw the gates open just yet, so here's a little message for those of you who have come to the source. While Dallas County is still in Code Red, we are trying to open- with new processes in place.


    Things you should know:


    I request that everyone wear masks properly.


    Physical distancing markers have been painted and should be followed.


    There is no outdoor seating for now to accommodate distancing and to discourage people from hanging around.


    All sno-balls are being served with their containers closed.


    Samples will not be available for now to minimize passing things back and forth through the window.


    While cash is legal tender, the use of a chipped card or Apple/Android Pay is preferred.



    If all of this sounds okay to you, we have resumed our normal hours (1-7) Monday through Saturday. I thank you for your patience and appreciate your understanding as we figure out how to do this while trying to keep the spread flat.


    May 26, 2020

  • Flavors!

    Subject To Change!

    Specialty Flavors

    Sm $4.75, Reg $5.75, Lg $6.75



    Chocolate #


    Orchid Vanilla #

    Tres Leches #

    Thai Tea 

    Cinnamon Milk # (limited supply)







    Earl Grey

    Jasmine White Tea *


    Grapefruit *



    Cucumber (limited supply)




    Hibiscus (limited supply)

    Jalapeño (layering flavor!  goes well with grapefruit, limeade, mango, pineapple and strawberry)

    Mint (layering flavor! goes well with grapefruit, limeade, cucumber and strawberry)



















    # contains dairy

    * available in no sugar added (Splenda)

    Classic Flavors

    Sm $3, Reg $4, Lg $5



    Blue Coconut



    Cotton Candy



    Green Apple

    Piña Colada



    Silver Fox (vanilla) *


    Tiger's Blood *(strawberry, watermelon, coconut)

    Toasted Marshmallow

    Wedding Cake


    Lime Squeeze 25¢

    Chopped Pickle 50¢

    Nerds 50¢

    Gummy Bears 50¢

    Sweetened Condensed Milk 50¢

    Maraschino Cherries 50¢


  • About Ruby's

    What is a sno-ball?

    Kinda like a snow cone but so much better!

    Sno-balls are a frozen treat that originated in New Orleans in the 1930s. Block ice is very finely shaved and topped with flavors made with pure cane sugar. The ice of a sno-ball is soft & velvety, which allows the flavoring to be absorbed throughout.


    What makes our sno-balls special?

    No skimping on the good stuff!

    Fresh seasonal produce, coffee, & tea are used in our small batch specialty flavors that we make daily. Our flavors range from creamy & decadent to bright & seasonal. While our flavors tend to be a little less sweet than most shaved ice establishments, we use pure cane sugar in both our specialty and classic hard candy flavors- never added preservatives.


    We care about the health of our planet. Ruby's chooses to use more environmentally responsible, paper-based packaging. No styrofoam at Ruby's! In order to keep our plastic use to a minimum, we provide straws only upon the request of our customers.



  • Connect With Us




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    1605 N Haskell Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

  • Flavor Text

    Scott rambles on about our flavors.

    2019年7月28日 · Specialty,Fresh,Melon
    Of all the melons, honeydew is probably the mildest. It's got a light, clean taste similar to a cucumber. But there's something else there- a faint floral note that takes it up just a little bit. It pairs well with other melons of course. But if there's lemonade available I'd strongly recommend...
    2019年7月28日 · Specialty,Fresh,Melon
    Cucumber masks. Cucumber sandwiches. Cucumber salads. A slice of cucumber in a glass of ice water. I can't tell you anything about a cucumber sno-ball that you don't already know, whether you've had one or not. You're either ready for air conditioning for your soul or you're not. It's not the...
    2019年6月20日 · Classic,Fresh,White
    If you don't know what to expect from Piña Colada, please go to a bar that serves them so that you can truly understand what the target is. Unless you're not 21. Or refrain from alcohol for other reasons. In that case... It's pineappley and coconuty and just all around tropicaly. It tastes like...
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