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It's what's for summer.

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Some people like cantaloupe. I'm not writing this for them. I'm writing this for my brothers and sisters who do not like cantaloupe.

I'm just going to say this- I don't like cantaloupe. Give me a fruit cup and I'll be glad to eat the strawberry slices and grapes and definitely the orange wedges that have been cut to fit, but you can straight miss me with those orange chunks of melon. There's a weird texture thing happening and they usually somehow taste a little bit off and just no.

So when I tell you that Jessica made cantaloupe today and I liked it I need you to know that's where I'm coming from, and I totally mean it. I don't like cantaloupe and I really love her cantaloupe.


This is a really nice flavor and you owe it to yourself to give it a try. If you're firm in your resolve against cantaloupe I can understand that. But maybe consider one of the following to temper things?

  • Tres Leches- for a fruit and cream sort of effect
  • Coconut Cream- similar, but with a hint of coconut
  • Fresh Watermelon- if you're really wanting to melon up
  • A splash of Jalapeño. Think about it.

Oh, and for all of you folks who like cantaloupe? Get ready for a heckin' treat!

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