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Orchid Vanilla

Muh gaw

· Creamy,Purple,Specialty

As a kid I didn't explore the menu at Sal's too much. After a few curious stabs at the flavors who are named after comic book characters and finding them wanting of making me feel (somehow) like their namesakes, I landed on Spearmint. It had a nice, clean taste and did absolute wonders in the "making your mouth a monstrously unnatural color" department. Then I ordered a Cherry and realized that it was exactly what I wanted out of a sno-ball and I never really looked further.

One day I saw someone walk away from the window with an Orchid Vanilla and just had to know what that was about. New Orleanians of a certain age will know what I mean when I mention K&B Purple. For everyone else, please enjoy this link. (Try and understand that New Orleans is a city drunk on what was. Then understand how a local drugstore's trademark color can go from a part of the Visual Noise of Everyday to an iconic signifier of The City That Was And Will Never Be Again, once it was bought out and shut down by a national chain with a terribly generic name.)

So this lady got this K&B Purple sno-ball and I had to know what that tasted like. It was sweet and creamy and didn't taste purple at all. Jessica describes it as tasting like buttercream frosting, and I can't argue with that. But it also tastes like impossible memories of a City of Legend.

It goes well with its creamy brothers and sisters. It goes really well with Blue Coconut. They not only taste great together, they look gorgeous side by side.

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